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Navigating without a map

[mapsmarker marker=”34″] “Why am I out here?” Ultimately, every hiker will be asking themselves this question… most likely after a particularly bad or painful day. The funny thing is, at that moment in time they may not even know the answer to that question. We all start the trail with our reasons; our own justifications […]

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Just do it!

[mapsmarker marker=”37″] Day: 39 Trail Miles: 199.1 Rain. Snow. Pain. Slow. That kind of sums up the last few days. I finally entered the “dreaded” Smoky Mountains. Why dreaded. Well first there is the whole bureaucracy involved with getting through the park. Can’t even escape The Man in the woods. Add to that every previous […]

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Evolution of a Trail Name

[mapsmarker marker=”41″] Day: 23 Trail miles: 124.4 Part of the right of passage, or maybe a true induction into the Appalachian Trail Community, involves adopting a Trail Name. These names come about in many different ways though all will be influenced by the trail itself. Some choose their own name, some will have it chosen […]

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