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Playing the tourist

[mapsmarker marker=”45″] Day: 8-10 Weather: sunny and hot, threatening thunder showers, sunny and hot Trail miles:: 52.9 Refreshed, resupplied, repacked, and recharged from our hostel stay, we had a good day’s hike. Pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, brought us most of the way to our next campsite. The last bit of the trail was obviously put […]

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The truth sets in

  [mapsmarker marker=”47″] Day 2-5 Weather: rainy; cold, rainy, and windy; rainy into sunny; hot sunny Distance travelled: 21.1 miles After Jeff’s setback, I hooked up with two new hikers: Rich (Grey Wolf) who is my age, and Ken who is 71 (no trail name yet). We all realized that our eyes were bigger than […]

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