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Return of a footsore Idiot

As I think I have said before, I am not sure one can really go walk-about if they are not doing too much walking. Now that I have survived┬áthe most recent pass through the forge as I turn myself into whatever tool I will be, I decided to start taking some control back. Winter is […]

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Just do it!

[mapsmarker marker=”37″] Day: 39 Trail Miles: 199.1 Rain. Snow. Pain. Slow. That kind of sums up the last few days. I finally entered the “dreaded” Smoky Mountains. Why dreaded. Well first there is the whole bureaucracy involved with getting through the park. Can’t even escape The Man in the woods. Add to that every previous […]

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The truth sets in

  [mapsmarker marker=”47″] Day 2-5 Weather: rainy; cold, rainy, and windy; rainy into sunny; hot sunny Distance travelled: 21.1 miles After Jeff’s setback, I hooked up with two new hikers: Rich (Grey Wolf) who is my age, and Ken who is 71 (no trail name yet). We all realized that our eyes were bigger than […]

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