About time for another commercial break

Some of the more astute of you may have noticed that the cast has changed several times for this project, but now all the hot air seems to be coming from that Taochild guy (namely me). For those who don’t understand the WHY of this, take a look here. Others, who are not already part of The Idiot Fan Club, might be wondering what Mark is up too. Well I am about to tell ya’ll. The simple truth of the matter is Mark is a very talented man with a LOT of creative energy to share … that has had a few stumbling bock placed before by that mischievous imp called life. But one of his defining characteristics is his value of life, despite how it teases him. Since he is unable to embrace nature directly with this hike as he had hoped, he has decided to embrace it in another way. He has taken up painting, and frankly is quite good at it. On his behalf (and probably as a bit of a surprise to him) I present …


Tell your friends. Tell your less than friends. Go over and take a peek at the pretties. Find yourself a good gift or something nice to hang on the wall! It will be well worth the time!