The Amazing Adventures of Brown Dog and Friends

Life is a dog (or is that AS a dog?)


The Adventure

Kind of wet out there today!

October 1, 2016in The Adventure0
nice and warm
It was a rough walk this morning!!

Going for a walk …

August 21, 2016in The Adventure0

Adventure time!!

June 19, 2016in Play Time, The Adventure0

More additions to the new wardrobe …

April 9, 2016in Chillin', The Adventure0
New collar
I’m finally “official”!

A new wardrobe …

April 2, 2016in Chillin', The Adventure0

New wardrobe

A typical walk … through MY eyes

October 30, 2015in The Adventure0

Getting artisistic

October 11, 2015in The Adventure0

Autumn Walk 00000016 Autumn Walk 00000019 Autumn Walk 00000022 Autumn Walk 00000024

Brown Dog vs The Evil Ball

August 27, 2015in Play Time, The Adventure0

Looking for a ride

August 21, 2015in The Adventure0

I need some more mountain time! Sadly my current human can’t manage to keep track of his things, and needs some supplies so he can support me on my adventures. We also need a way to get us from Massachusetts to Colorado. Seems nobody wants us dogs on their fancy motorized carriages. Anyone wanna help?

Exploring a new park

August 17, 2015in The Adventure2
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