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Play Time

A long overdue trip to the park!

May 14, 2018in Play Time0

Out with the old … etc

September 10, 2017in Play Time0

Memories, old and new

July 22, 2017in Play Time0

The cousins came for a visit again today. Sadly, Jasper was not with them. Lizzy called him over the Rainbow Bridge this past Tuesday. We went to a park that he liked to play in, to remember him, and create some new memories as well. He was there with us in spirit!

Why am I NOT outside????

May 10, 2017in Play Time0

Really! A chain?

April 15, 2017in Chillin', Play Time0

The meanies who control this property say I have to stay on a chain. Even with such nice running weather. It’s so unfair!

It’s been a whole 10 minutes since I played last!

January 5, 2017in Play Time0

Holiday with the cousins (and friends)

December 16, 2016in Chillin', Play Time0

A bit of a run …

September 7, 2016in Play Time0

Why aren’t you paying attention to me?!

September 6, 2016in Play Time0

Pay attention! 00000002

Trying that play thang …

July 30, 2016in Play Time0
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