The Amazing Adventures of Brown Dog and Friends

Life is a dog (or is that AS a dog?)



Doggy smile!

May 14, 2018in Chillin'0

Moment of reflection

September 29, 2017in Chillin'0

Bday wishes!

September 1, 2017in Chillin'0

Happy Birthday Auntie Deb!!

Really! A chain?

April 15, 2017in Chillin', Play Time0

The meanies who control this property say I have to stay on a chain. Even with such nice running weather. It’s so unfair!

Holiday with the cousins (and friends)

December 16, 2016in Chillin', Play Time0

Who’s camera shy?

September 25, 2016in Chillin'0


Birds of a feather (or something like that) …

July 29, 2016in Chillin'0


Today I am a cow

June 1, 2016in Chillin'0

A fun day!

May 29, 2016in Chillin', Play Time0

Chilling after wearing each other out ...
Chilling after wearing each other out …

More additions to the new wardrobe …

April 9, 2016in Chillin', The Adventure0
New collar
I’m finally “official”!
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